oriental-rug-cleaningIf for some reason you need to store your valuable rug, whether because you’re moving or just don’t currently have the space, Caravan Rugs provides short term rug storage for a minimal fee.

Storing Your Rug Properly

If you are having your rug stored, it’s very important that it be stored properly. Many times when a homeowner is storing their rugs, it’s not done right and the valuable rug ends up being damaged by bugs or mold. The professionals at Caravan Rugs know how to store your rug for maximum protection – when you pull it out again, it will be in the same great condition as when you had us store it.

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Maintain Your Rug's Value by Storing it Properly

Caravan Rugs provides residents of the Triangle Area with a full range of rug services including cleaning, repair and restoration, appraisal and storage.
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