oriental-rug-cleaningHave you ever wondered about the value of your family heirloom or purchased a rug at an estate sale? Rugs are one of the most common treasures passed down from generation to generation, and also the most overlooked.

Here at Caravan Rugs, we have an experienced appraisal expert who has the knowledge and passion to supply you with pertinent information about your rug’s value and history.


How We Determine Your Rug’s Value

In order to find your rug’s value, our expert appraiser will take a look at the following:

  • Origin and history
  • Age of the rug
  • Structure (machine-made vs. handmade)
  • Design and motif
  • Quality of materials
  • Weaving technique and skill of weavers
  • Knot county or KPI
  • Length of pile
  • And more!

Rug appraisal is a complicated process that can’t rely on simple formulas. You need a real expert to review and determine the value. The process becomes even more complicated when it involves fine rugs, such as handmade Persian rugs and oriental rugs.

Caravan Rugs Rug Appraising Services

Since 1988, Caravan Rugs has been the fine rug experts in the Raleigh area. Let Caravan Rugs help you determine the value of your rug with our years of experience and expertise in fine rugs. We will give you a fair assessment!

If you would like more information on evaluating and appraising rugs— or even our other services— contact our team today!

Our other services include:

  • Rug washing and cleaning
  • Rug restoration and repair
  • Rug storage
  • And more.
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Know the Value of Your Rug

Caravan Rugs provides residents of the Triangle Area with a full range of rug services including cleaning, repair and restoration, appraisal and storage. Call us today at (919) 782-2673 or contact us online for more information.
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